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Commercial Compliance

  • For a mid size Pharmaceutical Company, we conducted an assessment of its Commercial Operations Compliance controls. We also conducted an assessment of its control documents and systems. We identified gaps in key processes such as professional engagement and SOPs.

  • For a biotechnology company, we performed an assessment of the grants function. We developed a number of business processes and supporting documents to cover the role of the grants function as well as the business processes that not only govern its operations but which make it compliant to agency requirements.

  • For a pharmaceutical company, we performed an assessment of the publications policy and supporting processes to determine the level of compliance. We subsequently developed robust business processes as well as supporting documents to govern the operations of the publications group and ensure it was compliant with agency requirements.
  • For a start up biotech company, we developed a range of policies across HCP engagement, business communication, interactions with consultants, social media etc. We also developed a suite of e-learning to support the roll out of the policies.