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Client Testimonials

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Catherine provided excellent structure at the beginning of the project to understand what changes were required as a result of being under a CIA and how to implement them. Very strong in laying the foundation for the project, assigning accountabilities and ensuring deliverables were met.  It has been a pleasure working with Catherine in the last few months. I have admired her passion, commitment and knowledge of the industry and our environment here and I am still amazed at the amount of work that she has been able to handle. I hope our paths will cross again! 

-Senior Director (Global Pharm Company)

Jane Reagan of DArcy Consulting demands excellence and delivers on it in her preparation and drafting of pharmaceutical manufacturer procedural documents and associated training. The policies and training I have developed collaboratively with her inform stakeholders of the why and how to be compliant with FDA healthcare regulations.

Experts, like Jane, navigate our commercial and medical stakeholders to execute their activities with integrity and confidence in what is a highly regulated industry.  We are all the wiser for her commitment to simple, but impactful compliance guidance.
 - Corporate Compliance Business Partner (Biotech Company)

Again, very many thanks for your leadership of this project. I’ll say now, an ambitious project that required continual drive and exceptional customer/supplier engagement. You did a great job on all front. I’m extremely pleased with the outcome.
-Senior Director (Global Pharm Company)

‘I asked Catherine to oversee a restructuring of two departments in my function. Her leadership and direction were exactly what was needed for the work to be accomplished. She did an outstanding job of leading by example and overcoming resistance by relentless focus on the benefits. She was right on target with the diagnostic and solution development. However the most significant contribution was the engagement of those who needed to carry on as she departed. She educated and coached those who needed to implement in a way that gave me confidence they would be able to deliver. I consider this a success experience …..’
-Vice President (Mid Size Pharma Company)

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